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KOTC Events

Backyard Bible Club

Backyard Bible Club is our summer program that runs for 8 weeks. The program is from 8:30am-4:00pm daily Monday-Friday. All of the children in our program are invited to attend. We have around 120 children in attendance each day. The children are served breakfast and lunch at the building. This program provides them with many opportunities to learn about Jesus and try new things in a safe and structured environment. 


Special Events 

We host several different events throughout the year that some or all of our children can attend. This includes anything from kayaking to Fair day. Our yearly events include:

  • Superbowl Party

  • Valentine's Party

  • Spring Break Events 

  • Easter Egg Hunt 

  • Teen Days 

  • Fishing Day

  • Kayaking 

  • Camping 

  • Back to School Pool Party

  • Fair Day

  • Autumn Festival

  • Harvest Meal 

  • Christmas Party



Sparklenas is a small group of middle/high school girls who meet twice a month focusing on self esteem/self awareness, problem solving, cooperation, communication , and life skills. 


Service Projects 

On Tuesdays in the summer, we have several different service projects in the area that we participate in with our children. This is their chance to learn what serving their community really means. The projects that the children are involved with are Trash Clean up, Meals on Wheels, Willow Branch, NHC, Helping Hands Ministry, River Clean Up, and Gardening Club. We also participate in different community clean up events throughout the year. Please reach out to us if you would like us to partner with your organization for one of our projects.


Homework Help

This after-school program serves as a chance for our children to get some additional help with their homework from adult volunteers. This program is every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year. This is an expanded learning opportunity that supports developmentally appropriate cognitive, social, physical, and emotional outcomes. In addition, this program offers a balanced program of academic support, arts and cultural enrichment, recreation, and nutrition.


Super Saturdays

Each Saturday our doors are open to the children in our program. We do many different activities that encourage them to expand their horizons. We learn about different cultures, careers, and citizenship. This is an extra chance for us to love on our children each week. 

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